What is a Drone?

The latest mid to high end drones, ranging from £2000 – £25,000, are a miracle of modern miniaturisation. A small, almost silent electric helicopter lifts a high-resolution digital camera into the sky whilst holding its position accurately using GPS satellite positioning, and will return safely home if the transmitter signal is lost.

This now puts high quality aerial photography within the reach of business owners and householders with even very modest budgets. You no longer need to hire a light aircraft and pilot at considerable expense.

Our state of the art drone can take quality (12mb) photographs or record stabilised HD video.

For the business owner this represents an affordable opportunity to make your business stand out from your competitors online. Hotels, holiday properties, marinas, golf courses – eye-catching aerial footage will increase enquiries and help build your business. For a limited time we are offering a package of up to six high quality aerial photographs and one three minute HD video from £95 each if taken together. The images are yours to keep, to use in your printed material or on your website.

Estate agents and property developers can hire our qualified and experienced pilot and our state of the art drone by the day and keep as much footage and as many images as we can record and download in that time, from just £300 per day.