Sheep and Strawbales – A Typical Commute

Straw Bale House, SunartAnd its an early start from the island of Seil heading out to a very interesting job on the remote Ardnamurchan peninsula.

Seil as you may know is a blessed island as we have the iconic old ‘bridge over the Atlantic’ (photo) giving us easy access to the mainland. After a scenic drive almost to fort william its a short ferry crossing at the Corran narrows across Loch Linnhe onto the Arnamurchan peninsula.

First important lesson! – whilst bowling along enjoying the scenery and concentrating on a road sign – my gaze comes back to the road – and there are three sheep standing calmly watching me bear down on them and showing no sign of giving way!

At home we have the usual agreement, the sheep get the edible verges and the cars get the tarmac – not so here with so little traffic, death and destruction is only minutes away for the unwary.

On finding the owner of Strawbale Sunart I find out more about this impressive eco development. The straw bale infill of this high spec detached property gives impressive levels of insulation and green electricity is supplied via two! hydro schemes with excess generation sold to the grid.

Its a bright blue sun filled day in February and my client has arranged for half a dozen friends to demonstrate the hot tub on the deck. After an hour and a half filming I have enough raw film to edit into an eye-catching short internet video.


So now I can be a tourist and I drive another 12 miles to Ardtoe beach which as you can see from the photo comes highly recommended.

Having more than filled the day – it is time for the long drive back to Seil. Once home my priority is to upload the photos and film from the drone onto the computer ready for editing in the morning.

Next day there is the artistic challenge to edit together the raw film into a short snappy internet video with pleasing royalty free music.

In Scotland the commute to work is never dull! so lets raise a glass to the next photographic adventure.

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  • 15th March 2018 at 1:46 pm

    Nice first blog Roger – keep it up !


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